Short term finance for a business case study

Just Value It reviews a recent successful short term financing project for a business business-finance-borrowing-case-study-1

The Short term finance for a business case study Synopsis

Introducer : Simon – Independent Jeweller, Midlands
Client’s Need : Short Term Finance for a Business
Required Loan : £5,000 against Jewellery and Antiques

Simon, an independent Jeweller, introduced a client who owns and runs a small wholesale Garden Centre. She wanted to raise some finance for vital office improvements. The effect of the economic downturn had an adverse effect on her business and her personal credit rating had suffered, therefore a conventional loan solution was unavailable at this time.

The client needed an alternative way to raise finance, having been turned down by her bank. At that point, she called into her local independent jewellers and was introduced to Just Value It Ltd (JVI) the customer was made aware of JVI proposition of securing a loan against some of her personal assets, backed up by fast service and minimum paperwork.

The client offered several items of Jewellery and Antiques including a 19th century Bust, which were collected from her Jewellers by courier, fully insured by JVI and at no cost to the client. JVI expert valuers appraised the assets and an offer of more than what was required by the client was made. The client accepted £5,000 of that offer.

Simon commented, “JVI is a great addition to our business model and I will most definitely be referring other clients”.

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