Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of assets are Just Value It willing to lend on?

  • Luxury watches
  • Jewellery & Diamonds
  • Gold Bullion & Precious Metal
  • Prestige and Classic Cars
  • Fine art & Antiques
  • Fine Wine
  • Sporting Guns
  • Rare Coins & Medals
  • Other Items: as we say, ‘if you value it – we probably will.’ Just tell us what you have.

How much can I borrow from Just Value It?

Provided you are able to leave with us items of sufficient value, there is no maximum to the amount we are prepared to lend. Please contact us directly by phone or e mail for an up to date quote and to discuss any special transportation, storage, or valuation arrangements that may be necessary for particularly valuable or bulky items or prestige and classic vehicles.

What is the minimum Just Value It will lend?

We offer loans from £750 and there is no maximum. Our rates get lower the bigger your loan, so customers often like to send us several valuable items to maximize the amount of their loan and take them into a lower interest bracket.

Who will value my assets and determine how much I can borrow?

Our appraisers have worked in the jewellery, horology and fine arts businesses for decades. Some have previously worked for leading auction houses including Sotheby’s. They are experts in their field, and have excellent auction house connections and are in contact with a network of respected valuation consultants. Our consultants hold professional qualifications and are members of professional associations – these include: The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, The National Association of Goldsmiths, and The National Pawn brokers Association.

How much interest will I pay?

Our interest rate varies between a flat rate of 2.95% and 6.95% per month. (Simple interest, not compound) The bigger the loan, typically, the lower the rate. We also charge a set-up fee to cover our appraisal and other costs involved with originating your loan; It is applied when you accept the loan and typically range from 3% to 5%, depending on the value of the asset.

Is there a maximum or minimum loan period?

Our standard loan contracts are for seven months, you can pay it early with no penalty by simply by paying off the loan amount and the outstanding interest due. Once your payment has cleared, we’ll safely ship your asset back (sometimes, depending on where it’s stored, you can also pick it up yourself.)

Should you redeem the loan before the end of the loan term, there are no early redemption fees and no early exit fees. You will only be charged interest for the period on which the loan is outstanding e.g. you borrow the money for only one month – you pay only one month’s interest, keep the cash the cash for two months – only pay two months interest and so on (interest is accrued daily)

Do you perform any checks on me before giving the loan?

Our loan process involves no credit checks. However, we do check your identity. To do this we use the information you provide in the loan application. The process has no impact on your credit rating.

Can I extend my loan?

Yes. You can also renew your loan by paying off the interest accrued only, and signing (or e-signing)a new contract for a further 7 month period – it’s entirely up to you, and , no set up fees will be applied to renewed loans. You can still pay the loan off early at any time, you will only be charged for the interest accrued.

Can I change my mind?

Once your valuables are appraised we will provide you with the full details of the loans terms, conditions, and interest rates. Once you have agreed to go ahead, you will be issued with a credit agreement which, once accepted, becomes binding.

When will I receive my cash?

We pride ourselves on being prompt, that’s why you use us. Once your valuables are appraised and the documentation dealt with, the maximum you will wait for your money is 24 hours, most are done the same day by bank transfer.

How do I pay off my loan?

We accept cash, cheque (please allow 5 working days for clearing funds) and bank transfer.

Will my credit rating be affected if I cannot pay back or renew my loan?

Our loan process involves no credit checks. This means that our loan offer will be the same whatever your credit rating and the fact that you have taken a loan from us will not affect your future credit rating. Even if you choose not to repay the loan there will be no impact to your credit rating.

How will I get my assets to you for valuation?

Fine watches, jewellery, gold, fine art and antiques can be delivered to us safely and securely by using our free and insured courier options or meeting with one of our experts at our valuation centre in Sussex. For high end assets, one of our experts can arrange to meet you to appraise your item(s) on location. For prestige and classic cars we will arrange the collection of your vehicle by an unmarked transporter from a location of your choice.

Where will my assets be stored?

Your valuables will be transported via secure courier and fully insured to their market value during transport and while in our possession. They will be held securely in our vaults. (cars are stored offsite at specialist premises). As soon as your loan has been repaid your valuables will be returned to you via secure courier insured up to the moment you sign for safe receipt.

Are shipping, insurance and valuation really all free?

Yes! There are no hidden charges.

What happens if I fail to contact you at the end of the contract?

As the end of your contract approaches, we will contact you to remind you of it’s expiry date and let you know what you need to do. You have several options, including:

  1. Repaying the loan plus interest .
  2. Renewing the loan by clearing the outstanding interest and signing a new contract.
  3. Exercise your right not to redeem.

If you chose the latter and do not want to regain possession of your goods, they will become the possession of Just Value It and may be sold at auction to repay your outstanding debt. – we promise to sell your asset for the best possible price, (usually at public auction), take the total amount we recover, subtract the total of the amount you borrowed, plus any outstanding interests, and the costs associated with selling the item – for example, any auction fees – and return the rest to you. We never make a profit on any items we sell, and we’d rather not have to do that.

We will of course make every attempt to contact you and ensure that you are fully aware of your options before taking this step. Please be aware that if there is a shortfall between the amount raised and the amount owing you will remain liable for this amount.

Please call us now for a free, no obligation discussion about a loan on 0800 1699925 or ENQUIRE NOW and you could have the money in your account within 24 hours of the valuation being completed.
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