Borrow on jewellery against loans

You can borrow on / against jewellery – quick, secure and discrete loans.

You can borrow on / against jewellery – quick, secure and discrete loans

Another Just Value It Case Study- Application for a Cash Loan

Introducer : Direct enquiry via website
Client’s Need : Internet Application for Cash Loan
Required Loan : £3,000 against Jewellery

Sarah needed an alternative way to raise some capital to address a short term cash flow issue. She was made aware of proposition of securing a loan against some of her personal assets, by searching online for loans on jewellery.

Many of the sites she came across were complicated, not transparent in terms of cost or timescale, and some of the APR’s seemed to be in 100’s.

Sarah found submitting an enquiry form with details of several items of Jewellery with JVI very straight forward and was contacted the same day by one of JVI expert valuers.

After a discussion over possible values and security of the items in our care, Sarah used a pre-paid package to dispatch the items, fully insured, directly to JVI.

JVI expert valuers appraised the assets and an offer for what was required by the client was made online. The client opted to pay the interest monthly and secure herself a discount on the APR payable. The funds were transferred into her account immediately the contract was agreed.

The initial enquiry was submitted on a Sunday evening with the funds being transferred into Sarah’s account on the Wednesday morning.

Sarah commented, “The whole process couldn’t have been any more discrete and straight forward. JVI dealt with all my initial questions and concerns very well, and I was very pleased with the professionalism and simplicity of the transaction”.

With the ability to either part redeem or fully redeem the loan at any time without penalty together with a fixed and agreed level of interest charged Just Value It Ltd have the ability to provide short term financial support when and where it’s most needed for almost any reason.

Call us now to discuss your short term finance requirments on 0800 16 999 25 or Apply now and you could have the money in your account within 24 hours of a valuation being completed!

Contact JVI NowNo Age Restrictions- No Income Limits- No Credit Checks- Fast- Private- Secure Borrowing

Max APR: 67.35%. Representative Loan Example: Loan amount: £100,000, Rate of 
Interest: 41.88% per annum (fixed), Rate of Interest: 3.49% per month (fixed) 
simple interest Administration fee: £3,000 (3%), Total amount of credit: 
£97,000, Representative APR: 55.8%. Duration of the agreement: 6 months Total 
amount payable: £120,940*.
Repayment of credit: one repayment of £120,940 in month 6 or alternatively a 
lower APR is available if interest payments due are paid monthly and not 
rolled up until the end of the term of the loan. * Loans can be paid back at 
any time with no penalties applied. Loan Term: Typically 6 months but with 
options available to extend the term
A Pawnbroking Loan is not a long term financial solution. In the event that 
you are unable to repay your loan to Just Value It Ltd, the asset(s) that you 
used to secure your loan may be sold, in order to recover the outstanding loan 
balance, according to the terms and conditions of your signed loan agreement.