About Just Value It

About Just Value It

Here at Just Value It we understand our clients and the varied reasons why this kind of loan could be appropriate for you.

When you own valuable property or assets, it could make sense at certain times to unlock the value they hold in order to ease cashflow or take advantage of opportunity.

Just Value It is a professional firm with membership in the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA).

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. And are registered with Companies House. Our expert team have over a quarter of a century experience in the pawn brokering business.

We know that objectives vary from client to client, but three preferences are shared by everyone…

Just Value it- efficient, discrete,secure loans… which is why we’ve developed a process that gives you the liquidity you need, when you need it. Opportunity doesn’t work to the Banks’ timescale. Likewise, with auction houses, you have to work around their dates and timings, not yours.

We provide a seamless application, valuation, fund transfer, asset storage and return process that enables you to get on with your plans.

Responsive and Responsible Lenders

We’ll always respond quickly to your application, but please note that we at Just Value It Ltd are committed to the concept of responsible lending.

We promote making monthly interest payments on any loan by way of regular monthly payments in place of allowing interest to roll up for the duration of the loan by applying a discounted APR to that option.

Each loan offered will always include two pre-contract quotations for both roll up of interest as well as the discounted APR version with the payment of interest being settled monthly by recurring payments.

We believe this gives you, the client, added flexibility and more control over your financial commitments.

Please call us now for a free, no obligation discussion about a loan on 0800 16 999 25 or ENQUIRE NOW and you could have the money in your account within 24 hours of the valuation being completed.
ENQUIRE NOW about a loanNo Age Restrictions- No Income Limits- No Credit Checks- Fast- Private- Secure Borrowing
Because you value it we care about it.