Care and Security

Care and Security

Caring for and looking after your valuables is as important to Just Value It as it is to you. Here we describe the process in greater detail- so you can be confident that your valuables will be returned to you in the same condition that you lent them to us:

Bring items inBring your items to one of our offices

Bring your items to our premises and enjoy meeting one of our friendly, discreet, expert valuers who will instantly value your item(s) and make you an offer.

Insured delivery serviceOr post your items free and fully insured via Royal Mail Special Delivery

Get your items to us by post. A Royal Mail Special Delivery bag will be sent to you which will, when you receive it, have instructions inside on how to post your items back to us free of charge.

When posting your items to us they will be guaranteed and insured by the Royal Mail to arrive securely at our offices the next morning ready to be valued, see our terms of business for more detail.

Upon receipt, Just Value It Ltd will immediately value them and then contact you to make you an offer.

Same day courier serviceSame Day Courier Service

Call Just Value It Ltd on: 0800 16 999 25 to request us to organise a free door-to-door same day courier to collect your item(s) that are too big to post by our Royal Mail service.

Our Courier will collect your items from your home or office and after providing you with a receipt will deliver them safely and fully insured to our secure valuation centre.

Home valuation visitsHome Visits

Please call Just Value It on: 0800 16 999 25 to request one of our trusted experts to meet you in the comfort of your home and carry out a discreet valuation for advances in excess of £10,000.

Car collection serviceCar Collection Service

Please call Just Value It on: 0800 16 999 25 and we will, should you request it, collect your car from anywhere in the UK. Upon collection, your car will be fully insured, secured and covered to keep it protected during transit.

All transporter vehicles are discreet and our staff trained to exacting standards.

Upon receipt of your vehicle it will be professionally stored in our fully dehumidified, secure storage facility.

secure car storage serviceSecure Car Storage

Just Value It will arrange to store your vehicle under dehumidified controlled conditions in our secure and fully insured facility.

As an optional extra, you can also request us to arrange the following whilst under the care of Just Value It Ltd your car can, should you request it, receive:

  • Pre-storage preparation: Hand wash, leather dry and under bonnet fluid level inspection.
  • Battery connected to a conditioner. This avoids having to disconnect a vehicle battery, which can result in a loss of electrical memory functions.
  • Vehicle rolled every 14 days to prevent tyre wall cracking and flat spots.
  • Vehicle started every 30 days, placed on internal rolling road to lightly exercise engine, gearbox, bearings, clutch, brakes and all ancillaries such as electric windows and air conditioning.

Secure vaultsSecure Vaults

Your items are stored in Just Value It high security vaults for the duration of the loan and are fully insured.

So you can be confident that your valuables are being looked after all of the way through your funding process- from valuation to their return back to you.

Please call us now for a free, no obligation discussion about a loan on 0800 16 999 25 or ENQUIRE NOW and you could have the money in your account within 24 hours of the valuation being completed.
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Because you value it we care about it.